Spectator cuts deck into four piles. Out of each pile three cards are dealt onto each of the other piles. The top card of each pile is turned over, and all four Aces are revealed.


When the spectator is not watching, place all four aces onto the top of the deck.


  1. Tell the spectator to cut the deck into two piles. When this is done, have them divide each 
             pile into two piles. Ending up with 4 piles.
  2. Let's call the piles "pile A", "pile B", "pile C" and "pile D";
             "pile D" being the top pile with the Aces. (Don't tell the spectator these letters. They are
             just for this card trick description to keep track of things.)
  3. Have the spectator pick up pile A, put the pile's top three cards onto the bottom, and deal
             the (now) top three cards onto the other piles (B, C, and D. One card to each pile.)
  4. The spectator continues, in order, to do the same with the other three piles. (You just point
             to each pile, when you want them to use it.)
  5. There IS no step 5, you're done! Just turn over the top cards to reveal the Aces!

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