How to do the invisible Deck Trick in 7 steps:

The cards in the deck are arranged in such a way that they are in pairs that add up to 13. The odd numbers are all on one side and the evens on the other.

The Jack gets number 11, the Queen gets number 12. The red Kings are odd and the black Kings are even.

The pairs of cards are with their backs attached in such a way that the sum of the odd and the even card always makes a total of 13, i.e. Ace to be paired with Queen, 2 to be paired with Jack. Kings are combined with kings as they are 13. Since the cards have rough backs they stick together no matter if you count them from the odd or from the even side.

Hearts are combined with spades (they both look very much the same) and diamonds with clubs.

Ask a spectator to name any card that he/she can possibly think of and tell him/her that his card will be placed upside down in the deck.If the spectator has thought of the 10 of hearts, then you mentally figure out that it takes 3 to add into 10 for making 13. Since 10 is an even number, you pull out the deck from the odd side.

Counting from the odd side, when you see the 3 of spades ease up on the pressure to let the upside-down card slide out from underneath. It will appear as though 10 of hearts is the only upside-down card in the deck.

Hope you find these instruction on how to do the invisible deck trick useful and wish you a lot of fun with the performence of it!