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Hugard's Magic Monthly Digital Reissued


"Learn How to Do Magic

Tricks from One of the Most

Influential Magicians Of the

20th Century"

Learn Tricks and Get PRESENTATION Instructions, Detailed to the Fullest Extent


Dear Conjuring Enthusiast, Published from june 1943 to april 1965, Hugard's Magic Monthly was one of the greatest magic magazines ever published. A fantastic and most valuable resource for amateur and professional magicians or anyone interested learning the art of Magic. Top names in the field were among the contri-butors, such as Jerry Andrus, Al Baker, Peter Kane, Milbourne Chistopher, Bert Allerton, Max Katz, and Sid Lorraine

Hundreds of magicians know thousands of tricks and these they never master in their hurry to acquire the latest novelty. The magician who really knows a comparatively few tricks, and by knowing I mean that he can perform them perfectly at any time under practically any conditions, is the man who gets the most tint of magic.


Just Imagine Being Able To:


  • Get instructed how to do the best tricks
    in quality and quantity as a good magician should do them.
  • Do individual tricks and sleights, plus
    hundreds of tips, ideas and reviews, and historical news items
  • Leave your audience completely baffled and
    your friends amazed !
  • Discover the magic tricks and secrets of
    professionals in the privacy and comfort of your own home.
  • Become the 'life and soul' of any party or
    gathering and to boost your confidence and reputation

And Not Only That, But:

  • Get "Magic Monthly" Vol.1 the complete year set of 12 issues in your inbox. 
  • Hugard's Magic Monthly has more magic per page than almost any other periodical ever published.
  • Fred Braue said, "On the whole I think there is more good material in Hugard's than all the remaining magazines put together".
  • Tricks explained from close-up to illusions, card magic to mentalism; this has something for everyone.

The price is $22.70. However, right now you can register for the special introductory offer of ONLY $17.00 That's 25% off! If Hugard's Magic Monthly Newsletter doesn't answer your expectations, ...........simply let me know and we'll refund a full 100% of your purchase! And you can still keep all the issues as a thank you gift for trying us out!


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Harry Houdini's Magical Rope Ties and Escapes
(eBook in pdf, word or kindle format)

This is his classic work on how to perform ties and methods of escape from rope shackles, whose content range from the unpretentious Thumb Tie to the spectacular escape from being bound to a cannon wheel.

Read this interesting text full of anecdotes of Houdini's experiences. A must have in any serious magic collection.

As published by Will Goldston. British Edition, circa 1921 Illustrated by Photographs and Line Drawings.

Bonus #2:
Annemann's Super Card miracles
(eBook in pdf, word or kindle format)


Though he presented himself as a "professional mind reader" he published several works on card magic. Annemann's Super Card Miracles is the first one he publihed and in this little booklet you find a small but fantastic collection of the finest card tricks. The effects are clearly described by the author and completed with a drawing. With these clear descriptions and drawings, he precisely describes the method needed to achieve the desired effect. Includes illustrations.

In the EDITORS INTRODUCTION we read: If the reader desires super-mysteries of the card order, which create their effects without the use of a lot of difficult sleights, and which neither employ nor require any skill in manipulation, then this collection will solve his problem perfectly. Although this is small booklet, as contains only 6 card tricks, every trick is a germ on its own. Fantastic collection!


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Bert Colijn (editor, conjuring enthusiast and lover of magic tricks)


Know the tricks so that you can perform them PERFECTLY at any time under practically any conditions, so that you become the man or woman who excels in the art of magic.

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